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Our Roofing Services

The average homeowner buys one roof in their lifetime that’s why at Rocky Valley Roofing Contractors we make sure that experience goes as smooth as possible. We are a local roofing contractor in Vail Colorado with over 10 years of experience in the Vail Valley. 

New Costruction

We have direct hands on experience, our sales representatives work directly on site to ensure you are getting the right quote and price estimates. We have more than book knowledge when it comes to roofing and can provide you with the right assessment whether a big or small project

The roof is one of the most important aspects of a home, especially because it protects its inhabitants from the rough weather conditions here in the Vail Valley. Without a strong roof, any home is at risk for potential damage.  When your roof has a leak or any other roofing needs, Rocky Valley Contractors is the roofing contractor company to call. Our Roofing Contractors will identify the problem will make a professional recommendation, and make the most efficient use of your budget. 

Re Roofing

At times, due to leaks and extreme weather conditions here in Vail Colorado a roof must be completely redone to ensure its safety.

Re-roofing can be an extensive project that completely fortifies your roof. When leaks, cracks, or other issues arise with a roof, a complete re-roofing can be the only solution. At Rocky Valley Roofing Contractors our roofing professionals have extensive experience with all types of residential roofing systems in the Vail Valley.
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Roof Repairs

Roof damage can compromise the integrity of your home. Due to the weather conditions in the Vail Valley is critical to have your roof inspected and leaks fixed before is too late. At Rocky Valley Roofing Contractors our technicians will asses the problem and provide you with a complete estimate to remediate the leak. 

In many cases the problem passes as undetected  by the average homeowner that’s why it’s important to contact our team of roofing contractors in the Vail Valley to examine the critical areas so proper roof repair or sometimes replacement can be performed. 

Gutters & Heat Tape

In the Vail Valley rain gutters have to withstand the constant weather changes so the need for gutter repair and maintenance is never too far from the mind of a property owner. Failing to correct a gutter repair or maintenance problem can result in water damage to your home or building and no one wants that.

We understand the role a properly working gutter system plays in preserving your property.

Leaking, sagging, rusting and poor drainage gutter systems are signs that your rain gutters aren’t working properly.  These problems typically start out slow but can grow into much larger problems if left unattended.

At Rocky Valley Contractors we provide personalized service and build our gutters in our shop located in Gypsum Colorado.

Why Choose Rocky Valley Contractors?

Personalized Service

Whether you are a  home owner or contractor looking for help with new construction or need roof repairs on an older property, your project represents a big investment.

We are a licensed roofing contractor you can trust. Expect quality work on budget and on time.

Fair Competitive Pricing

Buying a new roof system is an important investment for your family. As a local roofing contractor we have a commitment to you and our community. 
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