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Eagle & Summit County Residents

Prevent Serious Roof Damage

If you live in Eagle or Summit County Colorado you can end leaks and prevent roof dams and ultimately roof collapse by calling our expert team of snow removal roofers and roof shoveling service.
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Commercial & Residential Snow Roof Removal in the Vail Valley and Breckenridge

Why worry about snow on your roof?

  • The first reason to worry about roof snow is you’re worried about a roof collapse.
  • The second reason is you live in an ice-dam prone home and you want to prevent ice dams.
  • That’s it. If it weren’t for those two concerns, you could just let the snow pile onto your roof.
Snow Removal Vail Colorado
Snow Removal Services in Eagle County

When Should I remove Snow from my roof?

If your main goal is to prevent ice dams, you should clear your roof after about every 6” of snowfall

For many homeowners in the Vail Valley and Summit County mountains, shoveling the roof and removing ice dams is a ritual of each and every winter. 
Some people will shovel just the edges while others remove all the snow from roof completely. 
The answer to what you should do is probably a bit more complicated than if your neighbor shovels their roof you should shovel yours.

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