Hello, this is our first article in a series that wants to help residents of Vail, Eagle County and throughout Colorado prevent costly roof replacements, re roofings as well as getting the best out of your roof for as long as necessary.  A lot of times an inexpensive roof repair is all you need.

As we know roof replacements can be costly, on average every homeowner has to replace their roof once in their lifetime, that doesn’t sound so bad right? But, unfortunately even some repairs can be costly. The average cost of a new roof if approximately $15,000 – $40, 0000 (Depending where you live).
So, how can we prevent and rapidly asses a roof problem?

Roof repairs in Vail Colorado

Living in Colorado, we are exposed to a variety of climates and rough weather conditions. Most of the problems occur after the winter, when inches of snow have accumulated on our roof for months. Moisture and water are with no doubt your roofs shingles biggest enemies, specially if you live in a ski resort like Vail. 

What should I look for?

  • Shingles : Walk around your house and inspect them often, look for damaged, warped or missing shingles in your roof. This is the first sign that moisture has gotten to it. Fortunately Roof Shingles are an easy and inexpensive fix. 
  • Leaks : Look up at your ceiling, do you see signs of mold or moisture. If you do, you might have a leak and most likely is coming from your roof. We advice to get a moisture meter and compare it to other areas of your home. Sometimes sealing cracked mortars or caulking around your chimney will be all you need. If you don’t know where the leak is coming from, call your roof repair contractor.  
  • Gutters: Clean your gutters often, specially at the change of season. A clogged gutter is the main cause of roof leaks and water damage in your house. The purpose of your gutter is to keep the water flowing to protect your roof and walls. This can also be an easy fix if spotted on time. 
  • Debris: This is by far the easiest fix. Look around for leaves and dirt and sweep them away. This might not seem like a big deal now but trust us, it will be over time and it will also clog your gutter. 
  • Snow Removal: Living in an area where snows at least for 5 months out of the year it’s important to consider having your roof clean at least once during the winter season. Not only it takes all the weight off your roof but it helps preventing moisture and leaks get into your house. Approximately one square foot of snow weights 1lb. Doing the math, this can be dangerous for your roof! 

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